Who are we?


Lafayette Homeschool Collective is a Self-Directed Learning Center located in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana. We are a member of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education as well as the Agile Learning Center network. Learning communities like ours are part of a growing movement in education that empowers young people to take charge of their learning and play an active role in designing their individual paths to adulthood.


Deep learning happens naturally when it is self-directed. Students are free to pursue their interests, not tied to a set curriculum or stressed by tests.

Confidence and self-motivation grow as they try new things and push their own limits for the joy of learning.

Caring emerges as they work together to solve problems, share processes, and celebrate success.

Can students really succeed in an environment where they do what they want all day? Absolutely! Agile works because it allows the natural learning process to happen in an appealing, mixed-age environment of equality and respect.


Among full-time self-directed students, 80% go to college (and most are accepted at their first choice!). Others follow their own paths into the arts, skilled trades, or business. Self-directed learning graduates stand out as knowledgeable self-starters who are considerate and self-aware.



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